6 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips For Solicitors

What is a conversion rate?

Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that turn into enquiries. This is one of the most important metrics we measure. We are able to tell you the percentage of visitors who clicked on any version of ad, searched any keyword, or visited any page, who then in turn enquired about your services.

How Do I Optimise My Conversion Rate?

Optimising your conversion rate means making changes to your website, that increase the percentage of your visitors who contact you. Following are our top 7 attributes we either add to a website, or change, that have a positive effect on conversion rates.

1.Phone number at the top and bottom of each page

It’s surprising how many law firms hide their phone number away on a contact page, or right down in tiny text at the bottom of their pages. By having your phone number sitting prominently at the top of your page in a large font size, you’re making it as simple as possible for people to contact you. With many people now searching on mobiles, often they just need to click on the number to make a phone call.

An often overlooked benefit of having your phone number prominently displayed is it helps build trust. Visitors see that you’re not hiding, that they can talk to a real person. They proceed to give the rest of your content a lot more attention because they already trust you.

2. Call To Action On The Right Side Of The Page

As an English speaking nation, we read from the left to the right. Our eyes naturally start on the left hand of a page and follow the content all the way to the right.

Now think of every website you have visited today. Remember how they all have their logo on top left? This is where you start reading, even offline, it’s the beginning of a page.

Now imagine getting to the end of a page in a book, newspaper or magazine. Where are you looking, where does your attention immediately focus when you need to perform this action? That’s right, it’s on the bottom right.

Every ecommerce website you buy items from, and every successful website that generates enquiries has their call to action on the lower right-hand side of the screen. Where is yours?
3. Your Content Is Relevant To What The Visitor Is Looking For

It’s surprising how many law firms send all their traffic to their homepage. Sure your homepage is the home of all your information, the hub where every page spawns from. But is it really the most relevant for every query a searcher may make?

Let’s hypothesise.
A searcher has searched “drugs solicitors in Birmingham”.
The first law firm’s website they look at cover crime and family across the whole of the midlands.
They can land on either a page dedicated to how they help people charged with drugs offences in the Birmingham area.
They can land straight on the homepage talking about not only about drugs, but robbery and divorce too.
Which page do you think would convert better?

By making relevant pages for all you traffic, you’re not only helping increase your conversion rates. You will also be improving your quality score within Adwords, this means a lower Cost Per Click.


6 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips For Solicitors first appeared in http://lfma.co.uk


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